What do you think when you look into the mirror? Do you feel doubt, shame, or as if that couldn’t actually be you? Have you ever longed to fall through the glass and come out on the other side, a different version of yourself?
Alexandra Rose uses reflection as a tool to comprehend what their individual identity looks like. Understanding the self draws Rose into a battle between narcissism and self-love, questioning the self-flattering nature of the self-reflective work they create. This installation had two lives, first as a private performance where Rose changed from a “masculine” outfit, comfortable on their body, to a red dress that s(he) hadn’t worn in years, examining presentation and gendered appearance. The second installation looked further into doubt, fear, and the ego. The words "self-love" and "narcissism"  on the side mirrors are made of selfies that Rose took on their phone documenting all the people they have been, while simultaneously questioning the edited nature of the selfie within social media. Littered around the mirrors are makeup containers and notes further dissecting what it means to be alive, and creating the self, in relation to prescribed ideals placed upon the body.  

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