Alexandra Rose

Through the act of creation, we discover that home is not merely a physical space but a state of being—an ever-evolving space carried within. My very first home was my mother, and I am a reflection of her in my face, hair, and personality. I carry a part of her with me everywhere I go. My second home is my body, something I am thankful for but have held under scrutiny for much of my life. With this sculpture, I allow myself to take up space. I permit myself to be large. My hands are the builders, squeezing concepts into forms, and even though they have been broken and stitched back together, I care for these hands, and they care for me. Whenever my feet touch the rich soil beneath me, I am connected and appreciative of my forever home, Earth. My newest home is the shared space of partnership. This sense of home is in our bedsheets, the gifts we give each other, and our love of one another. It is all of the places we've been together and all the places we have yet to go.

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