Alexandra Rose

This sculpture bears witness to the intricacies of loss and the transformative journey of grief. It reflects my experience with the passing of a pitbull named Stripes that my partner and I rescued. She was a sweet being, scarred by abuse, yet loved deeply by us. Through our connection, I've learned about loss, the echoes of grief, and the transformative power of honoring a life once-lived. As I grapple with the weight of her death, I reflect on the physical act of burying her—a ritual steeped in reverence and catharsis. Each shovel of earth becomes a testament to the fragility of existence, a tender farewell to a spirit that touched my own in ways beyond words. In the soft embrace of soil, I offer her a final resting place, a sanctuary where pain gives way to peace. Amidst loss and grief, I find solace in bearing witness to the passage of life—both fragile and resilient.

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